Other News

MOORESVILLE, NC – Gavan Boschele and the #5 Team launch a new interactive website synced to their 10-month racing calendar. The new online platform captures the high energy race media earned in real-time through winning and improving from race-to-race, track-to-track. News, live updates, TV/OTT broadcast info, and premium merch store offering high quality gear are just some of the new and exciting features that race fans will find when visiting www.GavanBoschele.com

“I’m really stoked to see just how awesome this new website has turned out. A lot of hard work and time has been spent by the team in creating it.” said Boschele. I’m 100% living my dream racing around the country with my team and family. It’s just so cool to see video from most recent wins next to cataloged footage of my very first days driving an outlaw kart where I wasn’t even 4, yet. And, with some of the coolest partners in racing supporting us, I hope you love our store and new line of merchandise as much as we do.”

Gavan’s website is live, and we encourage everyone to take a minute to check out www.GavanBoschele.com